Paypal destination details and streamer personal details

I’ve just opened a streamtip account and i have a question that doesn’t appear to be answered anywhere else…
It has been suggested i should have a way of taking donations… however i do not want my personal real life details out on the net for the possibility of abuse…
My paypal account is actually a business account, i used to be self employed and i’m gearing up to go back to being self employed again. So my paypal acount not only has my business name but also contains my real life name. I do not want this information to be visible.

Qustion is; if someone donates, on their paypal transactions does it show streamtip destination or mine?
Is there any way for someone via donating to be able to see what my paypal account is?


When you make a donation in Streamtip it will point you to the PayPal page and record the details to put in stream. So on the donators end the transaction will show up to the user. It will show all of the information to the donator:

  • Business Name (Or actual name)
  • Email of the receivers PayPal account.

The only section where “StreamTip” appears is in the message note:

Tips for *Business/Reciever Name* (from *Message from Streamtip Page*) via

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