Pass a variable to Alias command


I need some help, Can I pass a variable from the message to the alias command? How can I create a variable? How can pass It on the alias command? for example I create a variable r =3 in the message, now can I call a command ( for example !c1) with r with param?


First command (alias to !c1)

$(eval r = 3; r)

!c1 can access whatever was passed to it with $(query)


in the message of the command !p1 i write:
$(eval r = 3; r)

in the alias box of !p1 i write:
!c1 $(query)

And it don’t got, the bot print me in the chat : $(query)
Can you help me? =)


The alias for !p1 should be !c1
The message for !c1 should be $(query)


can you explain me better?



Thank you so much my friend.


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