Panel boxes color in dark-mode

I noticed that in dark/light mode there are boxes around the panel images. I guess in light mode they are the same color as the background, but in dark mode they have a different color.
Apparently this is intended (there is another topic about this from October 2015). So this is just a request to set .panel.masonry-brick background color to transparent or the same color as the box behind that in dark mode to make it consistent with light mode and the bttv-less panels.
In my case, I intended to have rounded corners around my panels with transparent background to drop on the page background. With panel.masonry-brick as it is now, I have rounded cornered panels inside square boxes over the page background in dark mode, while in light mode it looks as intended (no box).

Unfortunately this is a design decision we have made (to have a two tone dark theme) and we do not currently have plans to just up and change the theme for everyone abruptly, sorry. If you want to remove the background locally you can simply use stylish and remove the background in CSS.

Fair enough. Thanks for the response.

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