Owner issue with Discord

When i try make a command for (Owner) my other discord server owner/admin cannot use (Owner) command. is there a way to fix this? because i do not want my moderators use this command (only admins) any help?

There are essentially* two options.

  1. Make whatever role your other owner is in the moderator role on discord and allow moderators to use the command.

  2. Allow other moderators to use the command and have him in that room as well (why don’t you want this?)

But, as with commands in twitch chat, there is no way to make commands only specific users can activate, nor can you label others as ‘owners’. But I am curious, why do you need this?

* technically you could do some sort of customapi that checks the user who used the command and doesn’t give the correct output if it’s not him or you, but that is usually a bit much to ask, and even then isn’t perfect.

thanks for your suggestions, i guess these are only possible ways to choose, i will go for option 2 also i needed this for my admins because they only know about these stuff which is used in the command

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