Outputting commands / certain commands in whispers

Not seen this requested so thought I’d request it;

It’d be real nice if custom & default commands gave us the option (perhaps in a simple check box) to make them reply in whispers or not. I know A LOT of other bots (including web based ones) that allow this feature. Overall it just improves the cleanliness of the chat, certain default commands simply DO NOT need to be outputted to the user that typed them in chat.

I feel that it’s a feature that many people look over but does kinda’ improve the overall user experience quite a lot. And in the event that someone has whisper usage disabled the “failover” so to speak would be to just output it to the chat. Not many everyday users have whispers disabled anyway so it wouldn’t be a problem but for those that do it’d help them out as well.

LinxzFade, Twitch nerd.

It’s unfortunately not currently a good user experience to forward replies to whispers, which is why we’ve never invested the time in it. Not everyone has whispers enabled, and the experience would be inconsistent depending on if you’re using the mobile app, website, or a popout chat. If Twitch ever better unifies the experience and adds a feature such that mods in a chat can always whisper a viewer, it might make it more useful and consistent enough for us to consider.

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