Output $count into text file

Hiya :slight_smile:

I have would like to know if there’s any way to output any $count command into a text file? Or maybe some other way to accomplish the same thing with another command or API. I’m asking as I’d like to have an updated counter onscreen.

Hope to get some advice and suggestions on how to accomplish this!

Thank you for all your great work working on nightbot and other nightdev services.

Yours truly,


This can’t be done thought the Nightbot application, however it can be done through the Nightbot API. However this method would require a personal application to edit the text file.

How would I be able to accomplish this? Would I need to make a small app to edit the text file? Or is there an existing app I could install that can do the trick ?

To my knowledge there is no existing one available for this sort of task, sorry.