Output autoDJ sounds to a media player?

Trying to set up a virtual soundboard that allows for the music to be low, or gone, on my end but loud and clear on the stream’s. Perhaps I’m missing a key feature here but most if not all internet browsers do not allow for me to change the audio output source. Perhaps I’m missing out on a feature here, but I need to be able to change the audio output on my autoDJ. Sound program is called VoiceMeeter banana.

Unfortunately that’s not something we have experience with, sorry. You would need to somehow reroute the audio, but it might not actually be possible. Ideally you should listen to the music mixed with game audio at the same level as your audience so that you know exactly what sound levels they are hearing. If the game you’re playing should only have background or no audio to play, then you may want to consider not using song requests for that game.

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