Opposition on Tips : questions / suggestion


I’m using Streamtip for couple of days and really enjoy it. But I have a problem :

Today I’ve received two emails from Paypal telling me that someone made an opposition on a tip. Those two tips came from the same guy, probably a child that used Mother’s credit card. Of course, I’ve repaid the tips and everything is clear now.

But I have now two questions :

  • In that case, tips where very low (1€ each). But if tomorrow someone cancel a tip of 400€, do I pay the invoices on that Tip ?
  • Is there a way to blacklist people who make oppositions on tips ? Because I’me quite sure Paypal doesn’t like that and that may maybe block my account if that guy make 300 tips then cancel all of them.

Thank you very much and GG for Streamtip !!

Ho, and sorry for my english, french guys are not quite good in languages xD

We do not charge you for reversed transactions.

People who reverse transactions are automatically banned from sending tips.

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