Opensource Artwork Project BTTv Integration


I’m currently working on an art commissioning web-software that will eventually be made open-source. At the moment the artist uploads their image for the client to download, and they are given different size options for their download which the server then resizes and pushes to them.

The software, I believe, will be used by a lot of Twitch emote artists, meaning the client will download the image from the site, then upload it on here to again be resized, etc.

I’m just wondering if there’s any way to shorten this process and make it easier on the artists’ clients, like a BTTv API where I could have the software automatically upload the emote to the user’s BTTv account at the touch of a button, assuming they’ve connected the accounts.

I understand this might be asking a lot, and that there’s no official support for this, just wondering if it’s technically possible with the current API/backend.

We don’t offer a public API for uploads at this time, sorry. If we get enough requests for one we might consider it, but it doesn’t seem very useful at the moment.

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