Only first song will play in the desktop app

I don’t know why, but now only the very first song after I open the Nightbot desktop app will play. After that it acts like it’s playing, but it’s just silent. It’s wildly irritating. The web version works fine, but of course that means I can’t display the song title on my stream.

Update: I’ve found the only way to get Nightbot AutoDJ player to play at all after the first song is to play on the latest version of Chrome. It refuses to work on the desktop app and on earlier versions of Chrome.

Are you minimizing the app or putting it in the background? You need to keep the app in view for Chrome to not automatically pause new playback. That’s a Chrome “feature” we cannot control.

Hey there! Nope, legitimately it continues playing, but there’s just no audio output to Windows. Recently, randomly, it started working again though. I kept it playing for like 2 hours and after being muted it randomly got audio again mid-song. Sorry I didn’t update when it happened a few days earlier!

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