One of my emotes is not working (just one)

I currently have 9 emoticons on my BTTV channel and all of them are working except for 1 (
It curently shows on my BTTV page, as well as on the BTTV emotes on Twitch chat, however, when I try to actually use this emote in the chat, instead of the image being displayed as it should, it simply displays the text (pixelMinakie).
Since all the other 8 emoticons are working as intended, I have no clue what may be causing just this one emoticon to act this way. any ideas?

Another problem I’m having is that the emotes on Twitch chat are acting erratically. Right now it’s showing BetterTTV Channel Emotes, BetterTTV Global Emotes, GameWhisp Global Emotes, Global Twitch and Favorite Emotes. Which is the way it should be. But most times, when I open the emotes menu, it either shows only my BetterTTV Channel Emotes and Favorite Emotes, or simply just the Favorite Emotes. Since I’m always using the same web browser and extensions all the time, I also can’t figure out why sometimes the emotes are working normally and sometimes they aren’t. I tried several browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Ghost Browser, Firefox, Waterfox) and the same thing is happening in all of them.

The custom Emote Menu is a bit buggy at the moment due to twitch’s new site, you can see the status for that issue here.

As for your one emote not working, are you sure it had been approved when you were testing it? I just tried in my channel and it seems to be working fine. If it’s still not working you could try clearing your cache.

The cache is not the problem. As I mentioned, I’m having the same issue in all my browsers (even on the ones I installed just to test the emoticon, I don’t usually have that many browsers). My cache is also cleared on a weekly basis.

I just can’t understand why all the other emoticons are working normally except that one. And even less so why it works for you and not for me. I am clueless.

Can you post a picture of yourself using all your emotes, including this one, in chat (but this one being unsuccessful)? Additionally, have you tried disabling other browser extensions and seeing if your problem persists?

I did try to disable all the browser extensions. I also installed a new browser (Opera) completely clean and with no extensions installed at all and had the same result that I’m having on my browser, Ghost (its like a copy of Chrome).
I have a Nightbot command that lists all my BTTV/FFZ emotes, and this is what happens when I type it on my channel:

All the emoticons work fine except for the pixelMinakie one (first emoticon on the list, only displays the text).
Same result if I try to use that emoticon by itself as well.

Based on that screenshot alone I can tell you are not using our extension. Be sure to install BetterTTV at

Edit: Also worth noting that I noticed your name is bolded in the screenshot. Some other extension you installed might be doing that. Try reproducing this issue with BetterTTV installed alone.

I do have it installed. I took a screenshot of the chat window only (to hide my mess of open tabs haha), the BTTV extension icon appears on the top right of my browser, next to the url bar.
Also, this is what I get on the channel emotes panel:

The icon does appear here normally (#4), just not when I try to use it in the chat.

I just noticed that, even though it’s still not showing on my channel, it does show up on my dashboard for example. I can’t figure out why deleting the cookies and cache is not fixing this, but this is definitely just my PC trolling me right now.

On top of that, the BTTV panel seems to also be working normally on the dashboard, showing all the emotes as it should. The trolling is real.

Emote menu not fully loading is a known bug, but it does not affect emotes working in chat. Dashboard works because that’s legacy chat (not the new Twitch site). As I asked in my edit above, please try with just BetterTTV installed.

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