One command with a specific response for a specific user

I don’t know if what im looking for is possible…
I know there’s a way to trigger random responses, or choose a random viewer as a response.

What I would like is have one set command what randomizes the responses BUT making an exception for a specific user… is that possible?

Here’s my example: Let’s say you have a hug command that when triggered it just hugs a random viewer. I would like to have an exception for a specific user… let’s say every time Frank does the command it has a specifc reply, but just for Frank, the rest of the people will get the randomized reply.

Am I making any sense? is that possible?

I’m not looking for exceptions to the replies (like avoid the random response to select bots as a person to hug, i just want a different response for the same command)

I hope I made sense… lol thanks!

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General setup:

!addcom -cd=5 !commandname $(eval `$(user)`.toLowerCase()==`specific user`.toLowerCase()?`response for that specific user`:`response for any other user`)

Where specific user is replaced with the username you want the command to have a unique response for.

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That worked perfectly!
Thank you so much!!! <3

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