OBS text from the now playing is stuck with only one track

I have the nightbot App running and the Auto Dj works fine. I have a playlist for my channel and it plays all the songs. But the text that should show the currently song playing is not changing since yesterday. It’s now stuck with only one of the songs on my playlist, despite Nighbot playing all the tracks, the song name stays the same (ironically the name of the band that is showing forever is “Stuck in the Sound”).
Any tips on what to do? Maybe deleting the .txt file on the Nightbot folder?

Does the .txt file itself actually show that name? Or just obs?

Yes, try deleting the file itself nightbot should regenerate it and then point obs at it again.

I deleted and it didn’t create a new file. I’ll just reinstall nighbot. That’ll probably do the trick. Thanks. ( Just adding this text here cause I deleted the other message thinking I replied in the wrong content).

Well the other option would be to delete the folder, that usually works for most people. But reinstalling works too i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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