OBS -> GIF dont load also with "normal use"

Hey Guys!

I tried now a lot with a friend, see the “OBS -> GIF loads after 5sec, within normal Alerter which I dont want”-Thread (its closed)
The Problem is, that if my friend send me a donation via the Streamtip - Public Tiping Page the Sound starts and “1€ from ****” is on the screen.
But I dont want these, I already configure Streamtip Alerter to: {{username}} {{note}}.
And also the GIF which shall be used, dont get on the screen.
I installed it at https: //www.nightdev.com/tipalert/
Heres how (in Pic)
In NightDev:

When I get the Donation, it only shows the “1€ from ***”. So it also dont loads the Streamtip Alerter Config:
http: //prntscr.com/cpce07 (delete Space betwen : and //)
The Config is in all available Parts of the List in Streamtip Alerter set.

Do someone have any Idea?


You seem to be misunderstanding what the StreamTip configs do. They create a .txt file that you can use on an OBS overlay to display information. They are not the alert itself.

Also you can append &preview=true to the end of the link to have it appear when loaded.

Ah ok, thanks for that.

About the Preview: View the older thread (its not to far under this), there “night” told, that it the GIF only loads in the Preview not correctly. But now in “normal use” (as he said), its the same Problem.
And also than: How can I remove the exact amount, what a donator donates?


If you’re having issues with the GIF being in sync, then it’s caused by the GIF not being timed correctly with the sound you’ve uploaded.

As for customizing the text, that’s not possible, sorry.

So I need to see for an other TipAlerter, but thanks for that :slight_smile:


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