OBS Follower Alert install failure

Hi, im redoing everything to start to stream again next year, so im just working out details, things like that. I found the Follower Alert plugin through a friend of mine, so i went to download it and installed it.
Here comes the fun part, i have the 64bit of OBS, and runs perfectly. I downloaded the Follower Alert and it doesnt say anything about a 32 or 64 bit version, but when im installing it, im getting the following error:
ERROR: OBS is not installed, or is not installed to the correct directory. The expected directory is: “C:\Program Files\OBS\Plugins”

yet having installed OBS recently, it only installs it into the Program Files (x86) dir.
Any ideas what to do? or do i need to find a 32bit version of OBS? (which is weird if i have to)

When you download our repack of CLR Browser, found here - http://cdn.nightdev.com/clrbrowser4_repack.zip it comes with both x32 and x64. You can use the install.bat file to auto install them


or you can manually install them by going to the “clrbrowser4” folder ( clrbrowser4_repack\clrbrowser4_repack\clrbrowser4 ) then picking x64 for 64 bit OBS or x86 for 32 bit OBS.

Now 64 bit OBS is ok and all but honestly has some strange issues sometimes, I use to stream with 64 bit OBS but switched to 32 bit obs because it was abit more stable.

hope that helps.

Thanks, with the install.bat i didnt got the option for 64 or 32, but the manual fixed it, silly enough i could have figured that out myself. Just one more question, with the whole setting up, is there a way to change the volume for the sound? I have a nice clip i want to use, but when i test it, it’s so loud XD
(this might also be a; "ofcourse -_- " question, but still XD

best way is to use Audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ which is free and lower the volume then reupload it.

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