Obs displays on desktop preview but not in-game

So as the title states the chat shows up when I am on my desktop when I preview the stream. The minute I go in-game however I cannot see it. What gives?


That is not how OBS Chat works. As the name suggests (‘OBS Chat’) the chat will only show up in OBS…

So you are saying that the Twitch chat will be the only thing to show up in OBS if I use it? So I can’t add it inline like another source like say, webcam, the game capture, follower etc?

I have to run a separate instance of OBS for follower, chat and any other nightdev OBS add-on? Is that what you mean?

Would be nice if you could elaborate a bit. I was under the impression that you could run your game capture, webcam, follower/sub/donation notification and the obs chat from NightDev all @ once.

In that case all you need to do is set the OBS Chat instance of CLR Browser to appear above your game capture, in your scene.

EDIT - Testing something else.

Ok, so I tried setting it up two different ways this way - http://i.imgur.com/XO7Uuev.jpg and w/ a new scene called chat that includes the CLR browser setup for the chat - http://i.imgur.com/HyyOICT.jpg. I preview it and it doesn’t show up.

Could you provide the link you’re using in your CLR browser so I can test it myself?

So sorry for the late response. Had some minor Internet issues - http://www.nightdev.com/hosted/obschat/?channel=AdventWeed

This link seems to work for me, make sure you have your scenes in the right order so the CLR browser scene you use for chat is on top of the Game Capture.

I’ve tried that and it still doesn’t work. Anyway you can post a screenshot of your test setup?