OBS Chat not working properly

Anyone else having a problem with OBS chat? It keeps disconnecting and when it is connected and someone says something in the chat, the message shows up twice in obs whereas in the chat itself it only shows once

I was testing code changes all day (since it was already broken), hence why things appeared broken. It should be better now.

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LOL dat meme Kappa

And yeup, its running perfectly fine now, thanks :smiley:

I am having an issue where i will get;

Loading emotes badges, Connecting, connected, Joined channel but it doesn’t show any chat?

Any help

Joins are queued due to Twitch’s new chat restrictions. It may take a couple minutes to join depending on queue length.

First of all: Thank you for your awesome work!

Second: Unfortunately the same problem with double text :frowning:

Double text is a current bug. We are aware of this. Just keep refreshing.

The Dev team is working their butts off on solving alot of issues. Patience is a godsend right now lol