OBS chat not showing up

So i set up the chat on OBS but it only apear when looking on OBS, same as Following alert it only show up on OBS but not on MY screen :frowning: Doyou guys understand what i mean ? Please i’d like to get it works D:

I think that you can’t make that. Im using that too and it shows just in OBS.

Then the chat is completely USELESS If i need a chat, i need to see it or it will be completely idiot to make it because peopole already have the twitch chat so…

But what about the follower alert i can’t see it on my screen only viewers will see it and it wee be completely useless for me D:

Everything you put in OBS is just for your viewers, so the viewers can see who follows and for some scenes a chat in the stream is handy. Ofcourse you can read your chat from OBS but there are many alternatives, same goes for follower alert.

But if you copy the followeralert and twitchchat url (the url that you use in CLR browser) and just paste them in your browser, it will show up there if thats what you want.

I only have 1 screen so i’d like to see the chat :confused: But that you said i need to copy the link on my browser ?

If you have one screen you need to play windowed mode or browse chat with your phone using the Twitch app.

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