OBS Chat not showing every chat message

2 Questions: Why is OBS no longer showing messages from Nightbot, Moobot etc.? It doesn’t even show my message when I type in a command.

Also: The OBS Chat Settings are never saved in the CLR-Browser since I updated OBS. I always have to delete the scene and create a new one everytime I start streaming. Then I’ll have to enter the whole CSS Code etc. again.

Please fix these issues.

Hiding bots from OBS Chat is an intentional feature. It reduces the amount of text/spam that goes on screen.

If OBS Chat settings are not saving it is likely due to a CSS bug. Have you installed the latest version of CLR Browser? There was a new one released not too long ago that fixes a lot of issues…

Well I’d rather prefer to choose between having bot messages shown on stream or not. Because the chat shown on Stream is kinda confusing sometimes without knowing which commands have been posted before…

I’ve installed the latest Version of CLR Browser and the Follower Alert is working fine for example, and it never deleted any configurations there… I’ve tried the Chat again without any CSS changes, and it saved fine then. But I can’t imagine that anything could be wrong with my CSS addition, it’s only like 4 lines anyways…

can you make a pastebin with your css code?

::-webkit-scrollbar {
  visibility: hidden;

body {
  background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
  margin: 0px auto;

.chat_line {
  font-family: "Porky's";
  font-size: 11pt;
  background-color: rgba(220, 220, 220, 0.5);
  text-shadow: 2px 0 0 black, -2px 0 0 black, 0 2px 0 black, 0 -2px 0 black, 1px 1px black, -1px -1px 0 black, 1px -1px 0 black, -1px 1px 0 black;

“webkit-scrollbar” and “body” are always pre-set…

It’s basically the Font “Porky’s” with slightly transparent-grey background, 11pt and a Black Border Around the White Letters… It’s working fine, it just doesn’t save when I close OBS…

Please install the version of CLR Browser found here. There is a bug in the your version.

When trying to install your Version, I always get an error regarding the “XCOPY” command.

Also, are you even planning to enable an option whether to have bot commands shown on Chat or not? Because if it’ll stay this way, this Plugin isn’t really usable for my stream anymore…


I’ll try that when I’m at home on the weekend. (Btw. I’m using Windows 7)

So, are you planning to offer an option that let users choose between enabling Bot Messages and Commands or not?

There is no reason to allow bot commands and replies to show. It adds no value to the the on-screen chat, and even adds unnecessary spam.

I don’t see how there’s not a reason for opting out of the filter. For instance, my alternate account was initially grabbed to make/use a bot, but now it is simply an alternate. So, BluesMcBot will not show up on the on-screen chat, even if I’m the one who’s actually chatting.

I’ve tested this, and it’s accurate. Basically what’s happening right now is select users are being filtered out, and we streamers have no option to change that. I’ve also tested some other accounts, and it seems that any name ending in “bot” will be filtered out.

To me, at least, this seems entirely unnecessary without an option to disable the filter.

Edit: There’s also preference. You may not see a point or reason for bot messages showing up, but some of us might just like seeing our bot work as it’s supposed to on preview.

I totally agree with that. I also have an alternate account which contained “Bot” in its name, and these messages are also not showing on chat. Also, if people join in later and see the chat on Stream with missing bot messages etc., they are probably confused what people are currently talking about when there’s like 30% of messages missing.

Also, I don’t really consider bot messages as “Spam”, because it’s not very likely that Bot commands are used all the time in your chat.

So you’d really have your users decide for themselves whether they want to display bot messages or not. Otherwise, I’d have to use a different chat plugin, because currently it just doesn’t feel as complete as it was before…

I think it will be better to atleast provide a option to filter out bots or not. I find it unfair that the OBS Chat is filtering it out for us without consent.

I know it is said that the bot chat isn’t shown because of “spam” on screen, but I use my bot to do various raffles and polls, I only have chat on screen on my intermission screen, I would like people to see what the poll commands is, etc…-+

Well, as you can see, many people agree that it WAS better having EVERY message shown on our stream-chat, so it’s pretty much time to change it back to the old style…

I love how it’s been months now and there’s still seemingly no intent to change the bot filtering feature. Obviously people are still going to use nightdev chat as there’s no decent alternative. I’m about ready to stop using on screen chat for that simple reason. Bring back the bot messages, if even as a separate entity. I mean, it’s only even one line of code.

You can now append


to the end of your hosted URL if you want to show bot activity in OBS Chat.

I’ve noticed that messages which begins with a dot won’t show up.

No messages ever sent with a prefixed period ever show up in Twitch’s chat. Those are defined by Twitch specification as server commands, and the server eats them.

uh my fault :> … never noticed that :smiley: … thanks for response … merry xmas