OBS Chat not displaying emotes

Basically what the title says. Emotes stopped displaying yesterday.
I updated the link from installation page, removed all of my CSS code, tested in OBS, Chrome, Firefox, and my Android phone. None of these worked.
The chat also periodically disconnects and has ~30 second update delays.
I should add that all user badges work fine…

Hey Envy,

Nightdev was doing server upgrades over the weekend.
Everything should be resolved now

Vaughn Whiskey

It’s still not working for me and when I check the console on Chrome it says:
“GET https://api.betterttv.net/2/channels/gogims 404 (Not Found)”

And I noticed there are some jQuery functions that are not working (maybe due to missing the jQuery library?). I don’t know if it’s an issue regarding the link of the jQuery library or some issue with NightDev’s script.

I hope this helps, if need anything else let me know. I am a web developer so you can ask me technical questions.

Yeah, I just checked, and it’s still not working… Will be sticking with twitch popout chat for now, hoping this gets fixed soon.

yeah I was wondering why emotes were not working when I just set this up yesterday; well I’ll hang around. they are not seriously important to me and this service is really nice for when nobody says anything in chat for hours :<

This should now be resolved. A backend change broke Twitch’s serverside emoticon parsing.

Confirmed, emotes work now. Thank you.

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