OBS chat missing css tab

Hello. I am using a Mac to stream LoL over OBS. The NightDev OBS chat room is working fine for me, but I would love to customize it using CSS. The problem is that there is no CSS tab in the browser source’s properties, which is where I go to paste the NightDev URL for my chat room. I would post a picture of this, but new users cannot upload things.

Basically, on windows there seems to be an obvious CSS tab at the top of the properties. This is not so on a Mac. Can macs not customize the OBS chat using CSS? Please advice. I hope I am being blind and cannot see the tab somewhere.

That would be a CLR Dev issue more then Nightdev. We didn’t make CLR Browser. Might be able to get help here - https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/browser-plugin.20212/

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