OBS CHAT keeps disconnecting

Yes i am having a problem that the chat is connecting and joining my channel but after about a Minute or 2 it disconnects from the socket server and reconnects! Any fixes to this?

It is being looked into…
sorry for the inconvenience.

Not a problem…just making sure it was not on my end cause if it is i need to figure out whats up lol

It shouldn’t be disconnecting anymore. The server was going through maintenance today.

It’s still causing it for me the disconnecting over and over. It says:
Waiting to join channel…
Joined channel: kryllo.
(2 minutes later)
You were disconnected from the socket server.

If you’re seeing frequent disconnections, you should check your internet for packet loss. If you’re on a wireless connection, switch to wired. The server is up and running normally.

I tested my packet loss on pingtest.net and I’m getting 0% packet loss so that’s good, how can I allow it through my internet and firewall if that’s the case?