Now Playing - song title update problem [when displaying on Xsplit]


At first i want to say sorry for my English, its not my native language and can’t be perfect i hope you will understand what i mean.

My problem is about song title updating when Xsplit broadcaster is displaying “now playing” song title just not updating in file “current_song.txt”(old song title is displaying), when i turn off Xsplit broadcaster i must delete “current_song.txt” and wait till nightbot app create new, then everything is okay, but when i turn on Xsplit again its not updating again.

Anyone knows the solution?

Thanks for answers.


P.S if there is same topic like mine on forum, and there is solution please give me a link (i searched for it but didn’t find it).

As we do not have expertise in XSplit’s software, you would need to reach out to XSplit support and ask why the file is not updating.

Okay, thanks for answer :slight_smile: