Notifications only work if I add them manually

So what the title says pretty much.

I have everything downloaded correct, Client ID reset and tried again, access token is correct. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

The donation will show up on the screen if I add it manually, I’ve had to do that for the last 3 times.

The donation link goes through streamtip and into my Paypal. I get an email during my stream about a donation, but no notification from streamtip so I have to add it manually.

I use:

GPU: GTX 770
CPU: i7-4770K
Memory: 8gb
OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1

you using the streamtip tipping page correct?

I have the same problem, please help! I have the program and the tippingpage open but it doesn’t help. Only gets a notification/adds the name and makes a sound if I add a tip by hand.

Go to your IPN history and see what’s going on…

Individual tips should all say “Sent” next to them. If they say “Disabled,” then you’re not using a PayPal premier account.

So if I use a business account I can’t have notifications?

I am trying to put the IPN on but I need an URL, I tried with “” but didn’t help.

A business paypal account will work as well as a premier account.

You need to use the streamtip tipping page. Login to and there will be a link called “Public Tipping Page” in the top left of the sidebar…

It didn’t work with that link. :confused:

You never replied with what the IPN History page shows. Why don’t you take a screenshot of this page and show it?

I tried to take a screenshot but it said that I cant upload it as I am a new user. It says sent on all the payments that I have tried. I have filled in my public tipping page URL and pressed it to notifications but it still dont want to show anything about it at all on the streamtip page. I have the program open, the tippingpage open, the paypal open but nothing else then me getting a payment on paypal happens.

If it says sent, then those transactions should appear on the Streamtip site. In which case there should be no issues.

But it doesn’t så what should I do? The sound and name works fine if I add it by pressing “add tip” but when Someone sends a payment through the public tippage nothing happens. It goes through and I get the money and it says sent but no sound and no name is added in eater the program, obs or on the tip history on the site.

Im having the exact same problem, but it shouldn’t be anything wrong with my paypal settings as suggested, as streamdonations used to work fine. Im not entirely sure where ive gone wrong.

There are no more problems with this issue as IPN notifications are now bypassed through Adaptive Payments. Most likely you have misconfigured your PayPal email in the Payment settings.

Ive checked my paypal email, there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with it. Im baffled.

Also, regardless of how many times i refresh my API token and re-enter it into streamtip, it gives me a bad login, tried putting both fields in and its still a bad login.

Please search before posting.

so to get the streamtip to automaticly work, you cant have a personal account? u need a premier account? and what url should i use in the ipn to forward the notification?

Any account type works

There’s no IPN configuration needed.

so why did i only get my tips to show in paypal, and not on streamtip? had to put it in manually.

The FAQ covers this… Frequently Asked Questions