Notification is stuck

Hello again everyone,

I ran into another issue. I finally got my custom notification to display on the stream but the sound only plays 1/3 of the way and it stops also the image becomes stuck in the stream permanently(Doesn’t fade out like it should by default). The notification works perfectly fine during a “Preview Stream” test. It seems as if it could be a problem with CSS and a changing variable like the follower username. If necessary i could post my code. Again thanks in advance.

On the same note, my first thought was UserName length. If the names of the followers are too long it could freeze the animation. Anyone supporting this thought?

If you’ve modified the source code in any way, you can cause it to freeze. Long usernames are automatically resized to fit, but it shouldn’t freeze.

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With further testing it does seem that the length of a name causes it to freeze. I’m using the following code to change font size.

… : 35px !important;

Does this code overrides the function that resizes text to fit?

Setting a font size (with !important) will override any other css on the page. So yes, it is overriding the resizing feature. I don’t see why this would cause anything to “freeze”.

If you could put your full css code into a pastebin, and post that along with your hosted url, we may be able to help you more.

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Thanks for the swift response. I will post the requested information as soon as I get home today.

I was able to fix it by removing the code mentioned above. Thanks again everyone

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