Not understanding the command to recall a count without increasing the count

So I have read all the documents here about how to set it up so you can recall a count without increasing the count. But for me it doesnt make sense. What I need is a way to recall a count, like someone recalls the total of their in chat game currency. For example, in a streamer named Banlish, he has banbucks. TO recall your total amount of banbucks in his stream you type in !bucks. this will give you a total of banbucks that you can use to play the games he has in his stream. I want that but for counts, like for a death counter or a cussing counter. Where you recall the amount of times someone has died, or swore in stream. I want to be able to call up the amount of deaths in a stream like you would Uptime. Can that be implemented?

You have to set up two commands like so:

!addcom -cd=5 !displaycount The current count is 0

!addcom !increasecount -a=!editcom !displaycount The current count is $(count)

!increasecount is an alias of !editcom that uses a $(count) variable in editing the response of !displaycount. To increase the count, use !increasecount To just view the current count, use !displaycount

Of course, feel free to edit the command names and responses as you see fit.

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