Not getting any Notifications with StreamTip

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong here… I’ve downloaded the new StreamTip tracker software and put my API information in, but I’m not getting ANY notifications whatsoever. The software says it’s running, but I get 0 notifications. I have to manually go into my PayPal to verify them…

I thought I had done everything that I was supposed to do, as there is real light documentation… I’ve changed my donation URL to the new StreamTip one, I leave the donation app open, but still nothing…

Check your IPN History at to see if Streamtip is being notified.

Yea, they are coming through:

(Edited for privacy)

transaction_subject=539e5c543a145b000059f6d9&payment_date=19:55:26 Jun 15, 2014 PDT&txn_type=web_accept&last_name=XXX&residence_country=US&item_name=Tips for the Stream&payment_gross=15.00&mc_currency=USD&business=XXX&payment_type=instant&protection_eligibility=Ineligible&verify_sign=XXX&payer_status=unverified&tax=0.00&payer_email=XXXX&txn_id=0KY58295E33517233&quantity=1&receiver_email=XXX&first_name=XXX&payer_id=XXX&receiver_id=XXXA&item_number=&handling_amount=0.00&payment_status=Completed&payment_fee=0.74&mc_fee=0.74&shipping=0.00&mc_gross=15.00&custom=539e5c543a145b000059f6d9&charset=windows-1252&notify_version=3.8&ipn_track_id=XXXX

But not getting anything in the application…

I have took a cap of the rest of it… the Notification URL goes back to Notification URL

The server has no record of that transaction ID. What is the status of that IPN request in PayPal? Have you actually verified your PayPal email? Are you on a premier or business PayPal account?

Here’s the information before the header:

Message ID6JW860040Y647622R
Date/time created6/15/2014 19:55 PDT
Latest delivery attempt date/time—
Notification URL
HTTP response code
What’s this?
Delivery statusDisabled
No. of retries0
Transaction ID0KY58295E33517233
IPN typeTransaction made

And it’s an unverified business account (need to open a bank account again)

There’s your problem.

Maybe you need a verified account for it to work, but I’m not PayPal so I cannot be sure.

And I just tested it with a test donation, and it is now showing up… Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, Night!

I deleted your previous reply. IPN is automatically configured, and it is not guaranteed to remain that URL. Most likely there is some other reason for this issue, most likely the verification of your account.

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