Not all my timer commands work


Just a quick query… I have 2 timer commands for my channel, and only one of them seems to “appear”. I have tinkered with the time and line requirements as previously neither of them would show up. See screenshot:

I see a few other people had similar problems, but I’m wondering why the “follow” timer works in my stream, when the “tweeting the stream” command does not work.

Thanks for any help in advance! <3

Try reducing your line requirement to something more obtainable, like 2. 22 lines in 5 minutes is a large amount.

I will try that, but is there a reason why only one of the commands showed up? even though they were both at the same line/time increments?

Timers never stack up and execute at the same time. If multiple timers are configured to be at the same time interval they will execute the first one and then delay the next timer by a minute. After a minute it will try to re-execute the delayed timer. It’s possible the line requirement was met for the first timer, but not the second timer, which is why the second didn’t execute.

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