Not all emotes showing?

So i am watching forsenlol right now and not all the BTTV emotes are showing like ( PagChomp, LULW, 4HEad, OMEGALUL …) while others like FeelsGoodMan/FeelsBadMan gachiBASS gachiGASM Clap … are working i’m confused please help

These are channel emotes that need to be added to the channel in order to be used there.

The first 2 are global emotes. The second two have likely been added to the channel.

I’m pretty sure the Pagchomp LULW … are added to the channel because i see them in the youtube highlight videos with chat

If you don’t mind me asking, which channel?

yes the channel is forsenlol

Pagchamp and LULW are not emotes added to this channel. gachiGASM and gachiBASS are. It’s likely you’ve seen Pagchamp and LULW used as BTTV personal emotes, provided by BTTV pro.

it’s weird because all the chat room 12k people are spamming these emotes and i can’t see got confused thanks for your help sir

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