Not able to add Youtube Playlists, receiving error: "Invalid or private playlist"

Hey folks, I’m attempting to add a couple of playlists from Youtube and having issues.

Each time I try to add a playlist I receive the error message “Invalid or private playlist”. I suspect it has something to do with the playlists being auto-generated mixes.

Here is an example playlist:

Is there a way to fix this, or do I need to manually recreate the playlists?

Interestingly, when I revisited this playlist via the in-thread browser it seems to work.

The URL when generated by the “view playlist” button in the thread player is:
[ ]

As opposed to:

EDIT: Looks like all the information is the same, but the app doesn’t know to reverse the order of the “v=” and “list=” subsections of the URL.

The app doesn’t expect you to link a video, but rather a playlist. Playlists are prefixed with

Yeah, it looks like the links were being generated by Youtube as lists attached to specific videos rather than videos in a list, as they were “Mix” playlists auto-generated by Youtube based on the song.

I was able to manually change the URLs for two other lists that generated errors so that “list=” appeared before “v=”, and they added without any issues.

This:[VIDEO ID]&list=[LIST ID]
Into This:[LIST ID]&v=[VIDEO ID]

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