No Streamtip Sound on Donations? 12/25/16

Hey there, I use OBS Studio 64-bit.

So I used the NightDev Tip Alert through Steamtip and integrated it through a browser source and it works perfectly.

I use Streamtip Alerter for all of my donation sounds. For some reason, today, and without touching a single thing, my sounds for donations do not work at all. I checked the OGG sound files and the files are linked correctly. I preview the sounds in Streamtip Alerter and they work perfectly fine. But, for some reason, when a donation comes in, the alert will show in OBS, but the sound will not play at all. I checked all sound settings and made sure Streamtip wasn’t muted or anything, the sound in Streamtip Alerter still works but will not trigger during an actual alert. I reset my tip alert’s access token to see if that would have fixed the issue, but sadly it has not.


Here are two screenshots of the settings I have for each of the alerts I use:


When I hit preview, the sound works flawlessly with no problems and when a donation comes in, the alert works perfectly in OBS, just doesn’t play the sound in Streamtip Alerter. Is there some kind of trigger issue here?

We’ve not changed anything, so it’s hard to believe it’s a bug we introduced. You can try removing the sounds and re-adding them. You might also try just rebooting your computer. You’d be surprised how often that fixes issues like this.

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