No settings button and only darkened in theatre mode *EDIT* Add-on not functioning?

I installed BTTV, but there is no button on the dash(left side) to edit my settings… It seems to remember my previous settings because the buttons are purple, and the screen goes black when in theatre mode. But as i said in the title, the screen is white in normal mode, and black in theatre mode. I’ve tried reinstalling the add-on, but with no success. There is also no emote button.

The Twitch buttons are Purple by default, so that doesn’t necessarily mean the addon is functioning. Try clearing your cookies and cache, as that usually helps.

Cleared all of my history/cookies/cache, seems like the addon is just not functioning at all. Any other ideas? Thanks for replying!

Disable all other addons besides BetterTTV. Does that help? If so, you’ve installed something incompatible with BetterTTV. Otherwise, ensure that your antivirus or firewall isn’t blocking the addon.

BTTV wont load for me either. I re-installed, cleared cache, history and cookies. It won’t load on ANY browser, Firefox nor Chrome. It used to work just fine, then my PC restarted automatically a few days ago and now it’s like I don’t even have the add on, even though its in my extensions. It works when I use a different PC at a different location so it could be just something in my personal computer or an IP thing. At first I thought I may have stopped authorizing the app but if I did that then it shouldn’t be working for me on any computer, right?

It’s possible your antivirus is blocking it. Perhaps disabling it will help.

I’ll have to check that when I get home but how exactly do I go about doing that because I’m not sure what antivirus protection I even have?

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