No respond! With commands and timers

Hey! I have problem whith night bot because he is moderator and i did everything how you said but still not working. I just see when i write !route there is just “this dosent exist” Can you help me please??

Hey @mr_apple_gaming!

If it says the command doesn’t exist, you need to create it.

I am not dumb i created 2 commands and 5 timers…

No one called you dumb. From my experience on here the issue typically lies with the user and not nightbot itself. So, from what I’m understanding nightbot is responding when you use the command with “this does not exist”?

I am sorry i was mad and sad… and yes you are right

IMG_8197 here is photo

and even the timers dont work but it shows me chat

sorry for bad quality of photos :neutral_face:

OH YES! i did it!! sorry for spending time whith me :frowning:

@Emily but how can i activate timers?

Timers activate by themselves when the requirements are met.

And thats the problem its not working… I am already streaming 4 hours and i have in 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 and 15

Are there enough people talking in chat?

When set this way, it needs at least 2 messages sent within the 5 minutes that precede the timer for the message to be sent, set it to 10 and it’ll require 10 messages within those 5 minutes, etc.

In regards to your !route command, it says that you set an alias named !codes, which doesn’t exist.
A command calls an alias if any is set.
In your case, the output of !route can be fed to !codes (if it existed) through the variable $(query).

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