No panel transparency in dark mode

So i noticed, and others too, that there are problems when it comes to the transparency
on the panels below your stream. I use png with transparent background and it displays
perfectly fine on the standard white background. But as soon as i switch to dark mode the png’s background
becomes grey and visible. Sometimes it doesn’t when you load the site the first time, but it will as soon as you reload it.

So i wondered if there’s anything you could do about that, would be appreciated very much <3

(Btw a nice and clean forum you got here, also thumbs up for the automatic “your topic is similar to…” feature)


The grey background of panels is part of our dark theme. Your images are still transparent, which is why the grey displays as the background of your uploaded panel headers.

Oh okay, would you consider to add another option to disable that?
Because i was thinking about making a grey background for each panel that fades out to the bottom,
and this way it’s not possible. It’s nothing really important, i know, but i personally would prefer
to have my panels as i intended them to be.

Also thanks for the fast response!

You’re intending for your panels to have a transparent background, and they do regardless if you’re using the light or dark theme. When using the dark theme, the grey isn’t the background of your image, but the background-color of the entire panel and since your image is a transparent png, the grey will show. This is the same with the light theme, but with a white background instead. To disable this you’d just use the light theme instead of the dark theme, or you can change your image’s background from transparent to a solid color - both will get rid of the grey.

You can still make a panel image with a grey background that “fades out to the bottom”, but you’ll have to using a different shade of grey from the one already used in the dark theme.

Thanks for the additional explanation, but i already understood that.
I may should have added that it would be nice to have the panel background the same colour then
as the rest of the background around it. And i could make it fade out but it wouldn’t be possible to have it the way i wanted to without messing it up for the people who use the standard white theme.

Maybe it will be possible to change that in the future.
And i totally understand that this isn’t something that gets prioritized since
it’s only a cosmetic feature. I just wanted to mention it and also see
if there maybe is an option i haven’t found yet.

Thanks for the responses

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