No option to log in to Streamtip alerter app


I’ve downloaded the Streamtip app, but there is no option to login.
I’m on windows 10 pro 64bit version.

I’ve tried to re-open the app, reset my pc, reinstall, reinstall in diefferent drive and open as admin - all gave me the same result.
When i head to the settings page it tells me to go to the main screen and login, but the main screen is empty… (photos attached)

any ideas on how to solve this?

Main page screenshot
Settings page screenshot

thanks a lot ! :smiley:

Check that your firewall/network is setup to allow the app to connect to the internet. It needs to be able to load the Streamtip API to permit you to login (to which it appears it is not able to).

added a rule to windows firewall in the inbound and in the outbound
added as an app
tried to turn off the firewall

still not working, same results

thx for the replay :+1:

According error logs your client forwarded to our server, the app is encountering the following error:

Error Code: indexed_db_went_bad
Error Message: Failed to open indexedDB, are you in private browsing mode?

Try running the application as an administrator. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the application data by deleting the streamtip-alerter folder in %LOCALAPPDATA%

still not working.
when i change the theme and press apply is shows me a message in the main screen for 1 second:

i tried to give my user “Full control” as well and still no place to log in

ok, now i tried to start the app and got this message:

but when i start it as admin i get no error message -> but no login option as well…

The windows is fresh installed, maybe there is something missing that i need to install in the system for this to work?

can we talk in some kind of chat so we could solve this faster?
(i mean, that you can tell me to start the app and look at the logs at the same time, so you’ll know what log event is related to my problem)

thx a lot ! :smiley:

The most recent error about occurs when your client cannot download the module from the server.

When you receive the “Bad Login” message for a second, this is because the system noticed you were not logged in and opens a web view that loads the Streamtip API for authentication.

Unfortunately I have no way to know why the application is not loading properly on your system, but I still suspect something is blocking you from loading it properly. If you have antivirus, try disabling it temporarily to see if that helps. If you run a system-wide proxy or VPN, this may also cause issues depending on your configuration.


hmm… no antivirus or any other program that should block communication is installed on my system.
no avtivirus or firewall (only the windows one)
and even if i disable it it still not showing me the login error.
as i said mayb its because the system is new and i might missing a component that is required to the program, but i have no idea what it might be… if ill solve this ill let you know, if you have any other idea, let me know!

thanks a lot for the help :+1:

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