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No need for VOD downloads, but is tab'd viewing still available?


Due to the 15 minute limitation TwitchDown had I never used as my go-to service for downloading VODs, however its use as a tool to actually view the highlights of a Twitch channel was invaluable. I cannot emphasize how much it sucks looking for old highlights on the video page for any channel on Twitch - scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. No search function to speak of. No tabbed viewing. It’s a mess. TwitchDown made looking for highlights a fairly painless experience. Unfortunately that tool has gone the way of the download tool and is no longer active on the site from what I can tell.

My question is would it be possible for the VOD viewing function to be enabled on the site? I have searched high and low and I cannot find an alternative to what TwitchDown offered. Twitch Leecher is close, but it has a limit of 1,000 query results with no way to go beyond the 1,000th entry; our channel has over 5,000 highlights and it is virtually impossible at this point to go back and view older highlights unless I already have a link or happen to remember the title of the video and use the search function within Twitch’s Collections tool.

Anyway that’s my plight - hoping I’m not the only person with this issue!

~ Brawli


We probably won’t offer a service to view through Twitch VODs, sorry. Anything of that sort would mostly have to be a Twitch Improvement,



I’ve been waiting for them to create a better search function for highlights for years!

I suppose I can wait a little while longer …


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