No music working on twitch live stream

yo guys so ive got music on my night bot and everything but when i go to stream and i play my own play list it doesnt seem to be going through to twitch can anyone help me out

Make sure that your system sound isn’t muted in your streaming software (OBS/xSplit).

If your using the built-in streaming software on consoles then song request isn’t possible and probably never will be due to limitations.

would i be able to use obs on my laptop though and connect it to the stream from my ps4?

If you wish to stream requested music through your live stream, it must be sent through your live streaming software. OBS or XSplit must be configured to listen to the audio from the AutoDJ player. It is not possible to stream song requests from a device like a PS4 or Xbox One. It’s just not possible and probably never will be.

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