No current song file

I’ve downloaded nightbot. I moded it in my stream whilst it was live. I made a playlist of 3 songs and played it in AutoDJ. I also requested songs in my chat and that work. But the current song file still doesn’t create itself, therefore I can’t get it on OBS.

I found a topic : Current_Song.txt can't be found

found out i did indeed changed the path. So i deleted the Nightbot folder and redownloaded it in C:\Program Files (x86)\NightBot , which is the default folder where it downloads it if you don’t browse.

I’ve tryied to find the current song file and yet it still wasn’t there eventhough the AutoDJ was playing.

I need heeelp xD


The current song file gets placed within your Documents folder inside of a Nightbot subfolder.

omg thanks! i wasn’t looking at the right place!