No CLR Source option

First my english is not the best.
I wanted to install the Follower Alert but, if want to add a new source i cant add CLR Browser because there is no Option to do that. In the Log files is nothing about CLR Browser. Normally i would say it didnt install. So what can i do?

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

What did the output of the CLR Browser installer say?

enter link description here

Here a picture of the installer when its done.

Ok the Fail with XCOPY is new (sry but some things are german)

What does XCOPY mean?

If you don’t have XCOPY in your path, then you need to reset your Windows environment path to include %SystemRoot%\system32

The default path in Windows 8 is


For help changing environmental variables, check out a video I found on Google:

You need to restart your computer after changing the path.

I am having the same problem with the XCOPY. how would i fix it on Windows 7?

It’s the exact path as the above post, but here’s info on getting to the correct place to change the path:

Ok now it works :slight_smile: ty

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