No action when alias is set


I just tried to setup the new aliases, but whereever I set the alias the command do not work anymore.

original: !mod
alias: !caster

(without alias it’s working fine again)

Can anybody help?

  • How is the Command called when I want to have !caster as alias for !mod?

If you want !caster to call !mod, you set the alias field on !caster to !mod.

I’m using the nightbot beta and wondering if would you be able to elaborate on how to use the alias? I want to change nightbot’s !commands, if it’s possible at least, into something different. Would you be able to explain it and maybe give the command to do so? Every response I get says the command does not exist.

If you’re having trouble using in-chat commands, just set up the aliases using the control panel:

Set the alias field to !commands and then set the message to $(query)

!commands isn’t a custom command though so I don’t think it’ll work. I need to change the default command !commands into something else.

Aliases are sent on the command calling the original command, not the original command… Refer to the post earlier in this same exact thread…

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