NightDev stuff.. chat/follower/tip alerts suddenly stop working mid stream, any ideas?

I’m stuck on what to do… the only time they work again is if I go into properties on the set source and hit ‘Ok’.

Also, my ingame sound on CS:GO randomly goes strange, I see people in
front of me, or out to the left, but I hear them behind me, and out to
the right…

Weird things happening.

Just to clarify, the chat window literally stalls on whatever text was there beforehand and the tip/follower notifications don’t alert me when something comes in - frustrating.

What is your CPU usage when these issues start happening? Audio going wonky is a sign that resource usage may be hitting the roof of what your computer can handle.

I’ve not checked that, next time it happens I will.

Hi, I just played a quick deathmatch and the ingame audio was awful there, my CPU didn’t raise above 70% - roughly 55% flatlined.

I may be mistaken … but if I boot my steam up with all the little widgets working, and then stop and restart my stream, will I need to fresh them? because it seems when I do this they don’t start back up.

Do you have an OBS log file?

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