NightDev Follower Alert Unable To Download

Tried uploading the screenshot, but it did not allow me as I’m a new user. I attempted to download the Follower Alert addon for OBS, and as soon as I went to the NightDev project it gave me this message: “Sorry, but the browser you are using does not support the audio type OGG. Try a different one.” I would like to download this addon, and I have never had this issue, any solutions? Thank you in advance.

there is no download for the alert. If you mean CLR Browser repack, you can download it here - as for the alert itself. Just follow the direction and use the converter supplied to convert your audio file to ogg which is the only audio format our alert supports.

I have the pack installed already, but I cannot press the “Install for OBS” and therefore do not have the link to use for my OBS in order to get the Follower addon functioning.

have you tried another browser? do you use any ad blockers or pop up blockers?

I believe I have Adblock installed. I’m not sure how to disable it, though.

I found a link online which works (b/c I have pack downloaded), bummer I was unable to edit the coloring/style through here though.

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