NightDev chat not loading

I’ve been using the nightdev chat for a while when I’m streaming, but today I started my stream and the chat box didn’t load anything. It simply remained stuck on “loading emotes and badges” it then wouldn’t load anything past that point. Twitch is matt_pleski.

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A fix for this has been pushed live. Twitch’s emoticons API endpoint was broken (and still is). OBS Chat has been migrated to Twitch’s new emoticon replacement display strategy.

Chat not loading again? Stays stuck on

Chat: Loading emotes and badges…
Chat: Connecting to Night’s chat socket server…

Doesn’t go anywhere after this.

Even on: you can see it.

The redis db instance on the server locked up and had to be restarted. The chat system should be working again now.

Yes, it works now :smiley:

It’s no longer worker for me or other streamers. :frowning:

also not working for me anymore :frowning: !! what is going on… Just stopped working randomly about 1-2 hours ago while streaming live

Also has stopped working for me. Says chat loads then none of the actual chat messages populate. The sample chat on the OBS Chat page doesnt scroll any chat messages either. Is there a ETA on a fix for this?

This should be resolved now. Twitch replaced all of their chat servers, and that caused OBS Chat’s chat relay to go down.


The chat not loading again for me.

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Chat not loading too :frowning:

yup, not working on my end either.
lots of issues with Twitch recently.

This should be fixed, as the last of the Twitch servers were replaced.

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