NightDev Chat / Alerts

I had my nightdev obs chat overlay for in my game screen on OBS, and not its not working, nothing comes up. not even the blackbackground. Also with the follow alert, nothing happens. i have tried using the &preview=true and still nothing happen. I uninstalled OBS and all the plugins completely and then reinstalled everything and insatlled any updates needs for CLR browser and etc. and still nothing is working. Can anyone help me please!

Please refer to this other thread, where people seem to be experiencing the same issue: OBS Chat suddenly disappeared

You may want to reach out to the OBS team to find out what can be done to fix this issue, since it’s an issue unrelated to us. You can get to their forums at

After reading that thread you linked, from what i understand is that its twitchalerts is having issues as well? But i found nothing on my none of my nightdev projects work. I use the follower alerts and the obs chat. nothing are working, and they worked about a week ago. Could a windows update cause a issue with something?