(NightbotApp) Nightbot Auto DJ minimizes my game while song is changing

Hi there. When my songs goes to change to another song at Nightbot App while i am playing, my game goes to minimize and CMD window shows for a second. Then, i need to click to my game to get back and continue playing. That’s so boring!

Someone said to make game windowed or don’t use app, but:

  1. i need an output log of this app (song titles, artists at my stream)
  2. some of my games can’t be windowed (like Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends, etc)
    Somebody knows any solutions of that problem?

P.S. Sorry if my english is bad, i am just ukrainian :smile:

There’s no way for us to fix this, sorry.

Uhhh, okay. I hope that my wishes will be added to NIghbot in future.

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