Nightbot won't take song requests in chat

Beta Nightbot isn’t working properly when users try to request songs in chat. Myself, and my mods can request songs, but none of the other users can, even though the settings are set for ‘everyone’ to place a request. Specifically, when people type in ‘!songrequest’ and then follow it with a Youtube link, nothing happens; so my viewers are forced to directly go to Nightbot to put in a song request. I hope someone can help me fix this issue.

You have the default “!songs” command set to Moderator-only, which is why the command doesn’t work. You can change the default command settings at

The “!songs” command now embodies all song request functionality in the new version of Nightbot. All legacy “!songrequest” commands are just aliases of “!songs request.” You can refer to the docs at for more information.


Thanks Night, you da man!

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