Nightbot won't join my stream. AT ALL

Just started using Nightbot yesterday. During a livestream yesterday i had to put Nightbot back into the chat by clicking join stream over and over again. It was messing me up in wwe 2k17. Mostly because it constantly kept leaving fast forward a couple minutes later. I decided to try and Test it. It wouldn’t join my channel at all. It’s getting pretty aggravating. Would anyone be able to help me.

Ensure Nightbot is modded in your chat, that it hasn’t been banned, and that your stream is live. Nightbot will automatically leave if the first two are not performed, and will temporarily leave when your stream is offline (only to return when it is live again).

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That’s just the problem He is added as a moderator. And my stream is live as well. I even tried readding him as a moderator and it still didn’t work after.

Well the only reason it would leave is if it tries to perform an action and gets an error for not having permission. I am not able to reproduce any issues like this, so you should get on our Discord and try asking as the problem is occurring so we can debug it in real time.

I don’t even know the discord

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