Nightbot Will Not Recognize Emotes

Hey any reading. I recently earned my affiliation on Twitch and I’ve been adding some hype and thank you commmands to show love to the people who come and support my stream, but whenever i try to add emotes to my commands they arent recognized when i use them.

for example : !addcom !ty FortOne FortOne THANK YOU FortOne FortOne

that is a simple command i have been trying to add a variant of, but it comes out just like that on stream. even when i directly use the emotes in chat while creating the command it still sends it back to me as words and not emotes when i use the command after its been made.

this is really kind of an awful problem, people are donating their time and money to me and i cant use emotes in my thank yous. or really anywhere in my commands.


FortOne is a Twitch Prime emote. Nightbot has Turbo, but not Prime.

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