Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch's API

I get the error “Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch’s API. The channel owner may need to log in at [] to fix this.” even after fully logging and logging in. Everything but !title is working atm

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Hey @theshadowed!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, it seems like a word is missing, so we’re gonna need clarification: are you the channel owner — aka the streamer? and have you logged out first before logging back in?

If you’ve answered no to the first question, then get the channel owner to do the steps.
If you’ve answered no to the second question, log out first, before logging back in.
If you’ve answered yes to the two questions, then I suggest logging out, waiting for a couple minutes, and logging back in. You shouldn’t need to, but it showed some positive results in the past.

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