Nightbot variables not working

When I try and use !editcom to change a shoutout command, it ALWAYS screws it up.

Usually I can use
Make sure to show some love to [touser] at twitch . tv / [touser] They were recently playing [twitch].

and it works absolutely fine. But when I try and edit the command, to add or remove wording it ALWAYS breaks, and stops allowing the variables to work, I have to change it seven ways from Sunday and then it finally works when I use the same variable wording as originally used.

Please help!


Hey @aussiegamerguy92!

The usual shoutout command looks like this:

!addcom !so -ul=mod $(twitch $(touser) "Make sure to show some love to {{displayName}} at {{url}} They were recently playing {{game}}.")

If you want to edit the sentence you have to type it entirely over, for example:

!editcom !so $(twitch $(touser) "If you like {{game}}, follow {{displayName}} at {{url}}")

Also to point out, you can visit Nightbot’s website and also edit the custom commands as they may be a bit easier for editing rather than having to retype a whole sentence. And on the custom commands page you are able to add, edit, and delete custom commands.

Hope this helps - Andrew

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